Charlie Atong Ang and the N.A.M.E. Technique

Engr. Antonio “Tony” E. Jimeno, Jr. created the Name Association Management Entrenchment (N.A.M.E.)TM acronym and pioneered the Name Association Management Entrenchment (N.A.M.E.) TechniqueTM in Online Reputation Management, Internet Reputation Monitoring and Online Reputation Protection Services here in the Philippines.

The rationale of the Name Association Management Entrenchment (N.A.M.E.) TechniqueTM is to yield positive results for searches on the name, people, event, business or brand (ex.Charlie Atong Ang) together with the name, people, event, business or brand associated with Charlie Atong Ang (ex. bebot villar) that would normally yield negative results using the search string such as “Charlie Atong Ang Bebot Villar” for searching the search engines.

So here’s how Engr. Antonio “Tony” Jimeno, Jr. showcases the effectiveness of his N.A.M.E. Technique in Philippines’ Online Reputation Management (Internet Reputation Monitoring, Online Reputation Protection Services) as applied to Charlie Atong Ang:

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Charlie Atong Ang and the Meridien Vista Gaming Corporation

The Meridien Vista Gaming Corporation (MVGC) was maliciously link with Charlie Atong Ang, the latter allegedly being the owner of the former.. Some malicious articles also allege that Charlie Atong Ang has mounting debts reaching to his neck.. These two articles cannot be logically reconciled. For how can a Charlie Atong Ang who is alleged to have debts reaching to his neck be able to own as big investment as that of the Meridien Vista Gaming Corporation (MVGC)? Basic in our Corporation Law that a Corporation, once approved and registered, has a juridical personality of its own, separate and independent from its incorporators (Directors, Shareholders). In fact, even the directors and shareholders cannot claim as their own the properties bought by the corporation. Not even the corporate vehicles they are currently using. I wonder why people in power resort to trial by publicity. When shall we move forward as a nation united as one?

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